Watermarks - Katie Clemson

linocuts and mixed media works on paper

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The Shoalhaven River is the inspiration for the latest works by Katie Clemson in her exhibition at the Beaver Galleries in Canberra. The river became Katie's main focus during her recent residency at Bundanon, the property of the late Arthur Boyd, magnetising her attention with its ever-changing appearance. As Katie states:
"I had six weeks to watch, observe and live with a river. The river is bursting with a myriad of animal and bird life and has its own agenda of tidal changes and weather influences. This creates a river with its own story, visual stories about change."
The change is reflected in Katie's printworks. Each print reflects a certain time of day with subtle changes in light and weather capturing differing moves. The abstraction of colour and textual effects creat very lively, dynamic works, some bolder than others, which reflect the stages of a day. Each work captures a time that is transient, a mood that will change and cannot be revisited in the same way.

To purchase prints, contact Beaver Galleries in Australia or the Redfern Gallery in London.

Read a review of the exhibition from the Canberra Times, plus a feature on Katie.

Contact Katie by e-mail to katie@whitegum.com.