Songs Not Released On Grateful Dead CDs

This is a list of Grateful Dead songs not (yet) released on CD in either live or studio versions.
Early songs - 1965-66
Down So Long 
No Left Turn Unstoned (Cardboard Cowboy(note 1) 
Brent Mydland songs
Maybe You Know 
Only A Fool 
Phil Lesh songs
Childhood's End 
If The Shoe Fits 
Revolutionary Hamstrung Blues music by Lesh & Mydland
Wave To The Wind 
Other studio recordings/rehearsals
Barbed Wire Whipping Party 
Shit Happens 
Fragments played live
Little Star 
Released somewhere else
Easy Answers on Rob Wasserman's Trios CD and on Furthur Most
(1) a version was released on a bonus disc included with copies of Phil Lesh's book "Searching For The Sound" bought from Powells.


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