Home Is Where The Heart Is

Lyrics: Gately, Talley
Music: Gately, Talley

Played by Jerry with Old And In The Way

Nestling in the pine trees in the mountains
Down along the road I love it still
There I know my dear old mother's waiting
Waiting and I know she always will

Home is where the heart is they tell me
Many, many try to travel that lonesome road
They'll never find a pal as true as mother
They'll never find a place as sweet as home

Now many years ago I left my old home
Started out out to ramble all around
If ever I return to where I came from
I'll build a little home and settle down


Jerry Garcia Recordings
     Date Album Recorded By
      1 Oct 1973 Live At The Boarding House Old And In The Way (note 1)
      8 Oct 1973 Breakdown Old And In The Way (note 2)

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(2) also included on Live At The Boarding House