I'll Change Your Flat Tire Merle

Lyrics: Nick Gravenites
Music: Nick Gravenites

Played by Jerry Garcia with Nick Gravenites and Pete Sears on 29 Apr 1990. A riposte to Merle Haggard's "Okie From Muskogee". Not yet checked against a tape: this is the Big Brother version:

I was cruisn' down old 99
Speeding down the old grapevine
Must have been doing about ninety five
Well I saw a new car all broken down
And who do you think was a-standing around
But the greatest country singer alive

Oh I'll change your flat tire, Merle
Don't you get your sweet country picking fingers
All covered with oil
You're a honky I know, but Merle, you got soul
So I'll change your flat tire, Merle

Well I heard about them records you did
Putting down all them long-haired kids
For saying what they're feeling and how they think
Well it's hard to make a world your own
And if you have to go out and get stoned
It's better with a joint than a drink


I heard you had an adventurous youth
Camping out in a telephone booth
I even heard you spent some time in jail
But now you've got a brand new car
Brand new ranch house with a bar
Picking up your cheques in the mail

Nick Gravenites recorded this with Big Brother And The Holding Company on "Be A Brother", and it was covered by Pure Prairie League on "Two Lane Highway" as well as on the live album "Live Takin' The Stage"