Lyrics: [none]
Music: Mickey Hart

An instrumental from the album "Däfos" by Mickey Hart, Airto Moreira and Flora Purim. The liner notes give the following description:

"One of the ancient spirits offers to be our guide through the next part of the journey. He is a psychomp, one who usually escorts the spirits of the recently deceased to the other side, the spirit world, and knows the way well. The music begins with an invocation to the spirit world using a Rain Stick from Brazil - a long reed tube with many thorns that deflect the dry seeds filling it as they gently fall when the tube is tilted to one side and the other. We then start a long, slow descent into the Underworld of Däfos. The music for our descent comes from the "Beam," an instrument of original design - a long aluminium I-beam with 12 bass piano strings stretched along its length; the vibration of the strings is sensed by a very large magnetic pickup. The sound is amplified through Meyers speakers and sub-woofers, whose loudness is varied with a foot-pedal, allowing a controlled degree of acoustic feedback."
Mickey Hart gives the following, more concise, description in the liner notes for "Mondo Head":
"The skeleton key that unlocks the door to the great mysteries. The shamisen leads the way to the Other Side."
Mickey Hart Recordings
     Date Album Recorded By
      1983 Däfos Hart, Airto, Purim
      2002 Mondo Head Kodo


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