Lyrics: Robert Hunter
Music: Robert Hunter

A song Robert Hunter wrote for the soundtrack of Armageddon Rag. See Blood On The Sheets for background.

Ask me how mad I am
Said, ask me how mad I am
Positively raging
How about you?

I'm gonna knock this goddam dancehall down
Till there's nothing left but floor
I'm positively raging
And I ain't gonna take it any more

I wanna kick the floor to splinters
Small enough to pick our teeth
I'm tired of being dumped on
Tired of being on our knees

I'm raging, raging, raging

Anything left standing
I'm gonna kick it over
If you are righteous
You'd better run for cover

When I feel the rage
I feel there ain't no way to hide it
I can't pretend it isn't there
Try to step outside

I'm raging, raging, raging

Don't ask me to compromise
Like I've done before
Maybe that's the way it was
But it ain't that way no more

If you try to step on me
You'd better watch your shoe
I'll bite your foot off at the neck
Slit off the rest of you

I'm raging, raging, raging

Ask me how mad I am
Said, ask me
Positively raging
Raging, raging, raging
Raging, raging, raging

I'll kick this goddam dancehall down
Till we stop down at the floor
I'm raging
I'm raging, I won't take it any more
I'm raging, raging, raging
Raging, raging


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