Resurrection Rag

Lyrics: Robert Hunter
Music: Merl Saunders

In Box of Rain, Robert Hunter says:

Written for the soundtrack of Armageddon Rag, which was never filmed. Merl Saunders performed this piece on the 1998 recording Dinosaurs. It is the second half of a composition titled Armageddon/Resurrection Rag.
Also played by Merl Saunders with Phil Lesh and Friends on 29 May 1999.
In ruby light of a crescent moon
Calm in the aftermath of doom
Vines twine round
The slice of a knife
Flowers, seeds
Traces of life

A wind from the west
Plays flute on the holes
Of ash blue craters
Melody rolls
The voice of the song
So strangely like you
When the moon was white
And the sky was still blue

Resurrection Rag
The voice of the moon
I've heard it before
I remember the tune

Twelve crimson stars
Shining bright overhead
They shall make music
To wake the dead

With breath in our bodies
We sing the refrain
With flesh on our bones
We feel softness and pain

With hope in our hearts
With trust in our eyes
We arise
We have risen
We arise
We have risen
We arise
     Date Album Recorded By
     1988 Friends Of Extinction The Dinosaurs
     1998 It's In The Air Merl Saunders

Futher Information
For more information on recordings see Matt Schofield's Grateful Dead Family Discography


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