Woman In White

Lyrics: Robert Hunter
Music: Robert Hunter

Across the hills by lamplight
Far away not long ago
Swearing softly to myself
Way down in Jericho
Making fifteen dollar bills
With you upon the face
I hope it was a dream but
I kept printing just in case

You told me to step inside
"Inside of what?" said I
"Here inside this dream of mine"
I said "you know I try"
Once inside you said "see this -
What does it mean to you?"
Parts were from a dream of mine
But most of it was new

A saintly woman all in white
Like vapor on the stair
Burst into a melody
That floated from her hair
I recall a snatch or two
It sounded like Saint Saëns
Played backward on a mandolin
The strangest little song

The music was the least of it
It's what she sang about
Almost on the tongue tip but
Somehow it won't come out
The logic was persuasive
Like it always is in dream
Where everything is anything
Except what it may seem

I said "I had a dream like this
Myself some time ago
It seemed important but
With dreams you never know
Awoke and tried to write it down -
The entrance and the out
But all I wrote was nonsense
I can't tell what it's about

"I wonder if the things of life
Seem just as strange to dream
Where what you cannot face awake
Seems such a natural thing"
You poured a cup of moonbeam
And assumed a thoughtful face
Just such a look as angels have
Before they fall from grace


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